Rescue dog adoption - What you need to know.

Rescue dog adoption - What you need to know.

What is a rescue dog?

A rescue dog is a dog that can be adopted from a pound, shelter, rescue drive or animal welfare organisation. 

Unlike purebred dogs, a rescue dog doesn’t necessarily fit one ‘type’. They may be old, young, mixed breed or, from time to time, a purebred pooch. Likewise, they may have been surrendered for various reasons, such as financial hardship or a change in circumstances. But one thing rescue dogs have in common is that they are all waiting for a second chance at finding a forever home. 

Who can adopt a rescue dog?

Any individual or family looking to adopt a new dog should consider a rescue if their home and lifestyle allow for it. As such, it’s important to approach a reputable rescue organisation that involves itself in the matching process. 

Is it a good idea to adopt a rescue dog?

It can be super rewarding to adopt a rescue dog if you do your research and consider what type of dog would suit your home and lifestyle.

One big plus is that adopting a rescue dog is far more affordable than adopting a purebred dog from a breeder. A good rescue organisation will make sure your dog is healthy, microchipped and vaccinated when you bring it into your home. Therefore, you know you’re off to a good start.

All dogs just want to feel loved and adopting from a rescue organisation gives an animal in need a happy home. But it’s important not to adopt a dog impulsively. The last thing anyone wants is for things to not work out and the dog having to be returned. Therefore, don’t rush the adoption process! Ask around, do your research on the rescue organisation and meet and greet the dog before bringing it home. 

Also, consider your home. Is it big or small? Do you work full-time or are you home during the day? Do you have young kids or older teens who can be involved in daily pet care? Perhaps you’ve owned dogs your whole life, or this is your first furry friend. These are all factors that you should discuss with the shelter to make sure you are matched with the right dog.

What are some final tips for adopting a rescue dog?

Ask the shelter or rescue organisation plenty of questions

It’s vital that you ask a rescue organisation plenty of questions as you would with a breeder. For example, they may have extra information about a dog’s background and any trauma or health conditions that it has had in the past. This could help you to weigh up if you have the experience to care for the dog and what health problems to look out for. 

Some rescue dogs may bring behavioural issues such as separation anxiety. You might need to make a plan for the future if any problems arise, such as hiring a pet sitter when you are away or at work. 

Similarly, the rescue organisation should ask you plenty of questions too when you first approach them. Answer honestly, as this will give you the best chance at matching with your forever friend.

 Think outside the box

Perhaps you have your heart set on adopting a puppy, but it could be worth considering an older dog. Older pooches are sweet, loving and often much more settled and house trained. What you see is usually what you get with an older dog, so don’t rule them out!

Likewise, you might have one particular breed that you desperately want to own. Many pure breeds can find their way into a shelter and you might get lucky. However, perhaps there is a breed that you haven’t considered? Keep an open mind, as you never know which dog might capture your heart!

Don’t rush when adopting a rescue dog

We said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Don’t adopt a rescue dog on the spur of the moment, no matter how cute those puppy dog eyes are! Instead, take your time, do your research and have faith that the perfect pooch will cross your path before long.

Likewise, avoid adopting a dog as a gift for someone else or for an occasion such as a birthday. This may seem fun, but it isn't the right reason to bring home a dog. Instead, adopting a dog should be a carefully considered decision for the best chance at success. 

Good luck finding your forever friend!

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